Industrial Tray Dryer

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Kencor Systems Private Limited is a trusted Industrial tray dryer manufacturer in India and a pioneer in the design and production of Industrial tray dryers for our client’s diverse process demands.

These dryers are used for removing moisture from plastic granules, chemicals, powders, organic/inorganic pulp, and drying food items such as dried fruits, corn flakes, spices, and other edible goods. The product is put on trays inside the chamber for drying. Temperatures range from ambient to a maximum of 150 deg C. It’s a double-walled cabinet with one or two doors.

The dryer is provided steel structure and the cavity is insulated to prevent heat loss. The doors are provided gasket and the trays are mounted on moveable trolleys. The oven’s interior is coated with heat-resistant aluminum paint and has a pleasing color combination from the outside.


  • Dehydrating
  • Food processing
  • Pharma
  • Chemicals

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Air circulation in the drying chamber is provided by balanced hot air fans/blowers. The Blower’s unique design promotes homogenous air circulation, resulting in a uniform air current over the whole material within the dryer.

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On request, this dryer can also be manufactured in stainless steel. A moisture extractor connected with a digital cyclic timer is also provided for fast drying.

Our company is a major Industrial tray dryers supplier in India. Our extensive research & development ensures that the tray dryers give the best results for our clients. These dryers, which are manufactured by our professional team, are widely valued by the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries.

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Features Of Industrial Tray Dryer

  • S. tubular heaters
  • Properly designed hot air Fans/ blowers
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Calibrated digital temperature controllers
  • Humidity extractor
  • Separate heating element control contactors
  • Overload protection for motors
  • Safety interlock
  • Adjustable exhaust dampers
  • Uniform air temperature
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Better heat transfer

Details Of Product

Technical Details Of Industrial Tray Dryer

Model BO-753480
Inner Dimensions (HxDxW) 75”x34”x80”
Volume Cu Ft 116
Max Temp. 150°C
Blower Motor 1  HP
No. Of Blowers 2
Insulation 75 mm
Heating   Medium Electric