Industrial Drying Oven

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We are a reputed and well-known Industrial drying Oven manufacturer in India. Industrial drying ovens are used to eliminate moisture content from a product.

These ovens are widely used in a variety of research facilities and commercial drying/curing activities as well as for a variety of complicated applications. Material is placed in an industrial drying oven and heated to a certain temperature to extract moisture from it. In the air circulation process, the moist air gets exhausted and fresh air entry takes place. We design and manufacture high-performance industrial drying ovens for a variety of applications in different sizes.


  • Pre-heating Process
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Plastic granule drying
  • Automobile industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Sterilizing
  • Glassware Drying

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We are leading Manufacturer & Exporter.

We are a leading Industrial drying Oven supplier in India. We have successfully developed a broad range of Industrial Drying ovens made of selected materials for optimal performance with the assistance of our skilled engineers and experts.

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Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

These ovens generally operate from ambient to  300 degree Celsius and are intended for batch processing or continuous drying. It is a technologically innovative and user-friendly solution that enables uniform drying to create a high-quality product while also reducing drying time as compared to traditional drying techniques.

We supply Drying Ovens that are assured to be of good quality and operate effectively to satisfy the requirement of our customers. Furthermore, before delivery, the equipment is appropriately checked and tested to ensure the highest quality standards.

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We manufacture all industrial machines with innovative design and technology.

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The highly engineered machines are fabricated with high quality raw material.

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Types & Features Of Industrial Drying Oven

  • Aluminium / Stainless steel tray
  • The interior chamber is constructed of premium steel.
  • High-Grade Mineral wool insulation
  • Moisture extractor at the top of the oven
  • Durable hinges are fixed on the door for rugged use
  • Gasket is fitted at door to prevent leakage
  • Integrated with air circulation fan
  • Heating effects from the bottom and sides
  • Electric
  • LPG
  • PNG
  • Diesel
  • Steam

Details Of Product

Technical Details Of Industrial Drying Oven

Model BO-726640
Inner Dimensions (HxDxW)  72”x66”x40”
Volume Cu Ft 110
Max Temp. 100°C
Blower Motor 1 HP
No Of Blowers 2
Insulation 100 mm
Heating   Medium Electric