Gas Industrial Ovens

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We are a leading Gas industrial oven manufacturer in India. We provide a multipurpose indirect gas-fired heating oven with a technology that meets all of your industrial processing requirements.

We offer both Gas fired, batch, and continuous heating ovens. The heat is generated through a heat exchanger fitted with an automatic PNG or LPG-fired burner. The heat is transferred from the exchanger to the working area through hot air recirculation. Generally, the applications are the curing of coatings, automobile parts, springs, brake pads, and food products.


  • Energy efficient & Less operational cost
  • Incorporated with hot air heat exchangers.
  • Temperature uniformity is maintained
  • Sturdy construction & Completely automated
  • Reach higher temperatures faster than electric or infrared ovens
  • Maintain high temperatures for a prolonged period

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They are available in both direct and indirect versions and operate on natural gas or propane.

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Gas Industrial ovens are a good choice, where the Kilocalories consumption involved in the heating process is substantially high. The ovens are suitable where the sanctioned electric load is not enough for the heating application.

  • A direct gas oven uses a fan to spread the heat from a gas burner, which may reach temperatures of over 300 °C. Heat is quickly dispersed by convection using propane or natural gas as fuel.
  • Indirect gas ovens employ a heat exchanger heated by gas or propane. The flame circulates in the radiation tubes heating them up. The circulating fan blows air through the radiant tubes to the working area.

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Types & Features Of Gas Industrial Ovens

Two types of industrial ovens can be powered by gas:

  • Batch ovens: They are built to handle products that require longer residence time. They are used for drying, curing, baking, and other processes.
  • Conveyor ovens: They are suitable for products having lesser residence time. The product passes through the heated tunnel on a conveyor
  • Energy efficient
  • Incorporated with hot air heat exchangers.
  • Temperature uniformity is maintained
  • Sturdy construction
  • Completely automated
  • Less operational cost
  • Reach higher temperatures faster than electric ovens

Details Of Product

Technical Details Of Gas Industrial Ovens

Model GO-725432
Inner Dimensions (HxDxW)  72”x54”x32”
Volume Cu Ft 72
Max Temp. 200°C
Blower Motor 1  HP
No Of Blowers 1
Insulation 100 mm
Heating   Medium PNG/LPG