Industrial Food Dehydrator

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We are one of India’s leading Industrial food dehydrator manufacturers. It is a machine that eliminates moisture from various food products such as vegetables, fruits, spices, and nuts, among others.

A food dehydrator assists in food preservation by eliminating moisture with forced convection. During the dehydration process, the moisture content of the food is reduced to a suitable level for the application. We use sophisticated airflow technology for our dehydrators. This ensures uniform drying by airflow evenly in the oven. Temperature and humidity can be precisely controlled by these dehydrators. It is a machine that is used to preserve and prolong the shelf life of food products.


  • Packaged and Instant Foods
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Sugar plants
  • Cosmetics
  • Food preservation industries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Paper Industries

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Kencor is the leading Industrial food dehydrator supplier in India. The dehydrators offered are equipped with an efficient fan that circulates the air to ensure uniform air distribution.

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Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

The digital temperature controller switches the heaters on and off to attain desired set temperature.

The hot air axial flow fan maintains temperature equilibrium in the dehydrator, whereas the moisture extractor evacuates humid air outside. Another important energy-saving feature is that our dehydrators are thoroughly insulated. Therefore, thermal energy losses are reduced to a minimum, saving time, operation costs, and the environment.

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Types & Features Of Industrial Food Dehydrator

  • Batch Type Dehydrator
  • Conveyorized Dehydrator
  • Tunnel Type Dehydrator
  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Cyclic digital timer
  • Heavy-duty industrial efficient circulation fan
  • Humidity extractor
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust in design
  • Digital temperature controller

Details Of Product

Technical Details Of Industrial Food Dehydrator

Model BO-605454
Inner Dimensions (HxDxW) 60”x54”x54”
Volume Cu Ft 100
Max Temp. 100°C
Blower Motor ½  HP
No. Of Blowers 2
Insulation    50 mm
Heating   Medium Electric